Welcome to the new HUM! We achieved a major breakthrough in this new release. The process of synchronization of Well Being responses from HUM app to our server and subsequent display in the SAATHI app has been optimized to a great extent. The process thread responsible for this synchronization runs in the background, even when the HUM app is closed. The thread checks for new response, it checks if the Internet is on. All these activities may take a toll on the mobile battery and memory. This new release of HUM ensures that the thread runs with a minimal memory footprint, with negligible battery consumption!

Quoting from the “what’s new” section of Google Play, the new version achieves:

  • Optimized synchronization of Well-Being statistics algorithm
  • Multiple Saathis can be added
  • Deletion of Saathi incorporated
  • Enriched Media Center
  • Overall enhancement of user experience
    Please let us know what more would you like in your HUM !

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