“I am Atum all by myself
in the premordial waters.
I am RE when he appears
at the beginning of his reign …
I am that who creates oneself.”

Sennet is a game of great antiquity and wisdom from ancient Egypt. Our present world-view makes it difficult for us to understand and experience the “spirit of weightlessness” hidden in this game. We today believe that we are our physical bodies, which may or may not contain a “soul”. The ancient Egyptians realized that man is soul, which may or may not possess an anatomical body. Today, being a mother and a professional are different ways of “being” for the same self. Similarly, being a teacher or being a child are different soul activities.

This maybe confusing to the modern adult understanding, but is natural to a child, untouched by superstition, to be soul in whatever he does. This was also central to the “way of being” for the Egyptians. So players of this game, be prepared to read the unwritten phrase “soul” with each archetype (in each cell) on the game board. So bread my soul, scarab my soul, tree my soul, sun my soul, horizon my soul, … Soul can be snake like, coiled or erect or sliding over obstacles or biting its tail. Soul can be bird like, spreading its wings, bee like, collecting honey, or like ship sailing, star shining, the shooting of the bow, …

Sennet, thus, “… is a game of opening the inner doors, a game of initiation, of revelation”.

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