It was long overdue [ note the hyperbole ‘long’! ]. Meandering among hybrid apps, web services, Android, iOS, frameworks, et al; we kind of overlooked that we have outgrown our modest web nest. It was time we gifted ourselves an abode that will allow us to better portray our services and thoughts on Seva60Plus. Built with the awesome WordPress, our new website will try to create an ambiance where senior citizens and their SAATHIs can spend time together.

The Blog section will have categories relevant to senior citizens and life in general. For now we have:

Events :: All the events done by Seva60Plus so far.

Game of Life :: Written by our Don Bosco Park Circus friend Aman, this is a brilliant treatise on the ancient games of India, and their underlying history and impact on society.

Soon we will have a section on Gerontology, the study on aging.

Besides the Blog, the pages HUM, SAATHI, S60+ Kitchen and S60+ Care describe in detail about our apps and services that are available through our apps Seva60Plus HUM and Seva60Plus SAATHI.

Please let us know how we can make our site better. We would love to publish an article by you, do let us know; write to us at info @ seva60plus dot co dot in.

Photo by PORGSite @Deviant Art

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