Seva60Plus HUM

Android app for Senior Citizens

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Seva60Plus is an Engagement Platform for Senior Citizens, making them Self Reliant and Connecting them with their Care Givers. Seva60Plus enables the elders to live with independent choices by bridging the gap between technology and usability.

Installing Seva60Plus HUM is as easy as 1-2-3
1) Open browser in your smart phone.

2) Type in your browser.

3) Tap on the Install button.

Seva60Plus HUM is an Android application that makes the smart phone a constant companion for Senior Citizens. Seva60Plus HUM app fully utilizes the smartphone’s advanced functionality with an easy to use interface. In combination with cheerful design, high contrast colours, large buttons and intuitive design sensibilities; Seva60Plus HUM makes using a smartphone as user-friendly as possible.

Seva60Plus HUM

After installing the Seva60Plus HUM app, a basic Registration must be done. The SAATHI is added during registration.

The Pill Reminder in HUM works even when the app is closed.

Well Being questions are asked. The response of the senior citizen is synchronized with our server, enabling the SAATHI to view the response in the SAATHI app.

Nearby feature in Seva60Plus HUM app uses Google Places API, and presents the information in a consolidated manner.

Curated with care, the Media Centre has videos covering Finance, Fitness, Technology, Art, Food, and Travel.

Share Location allows you to tell your SAATHI where you are!

Utilities lets you use the features of the smart phone easily.

Videos of some important features in Seva60Plus HUM app.

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