The 21 February 2016 event was themed “Food, Fashion, Friendship. Let’s get back to the essentials”. We presented the following:

S60+ Kitchen
Catered by Seniors, S60+ KITCHEN is about healthy, home-cooked food. Our produce comes from Seniors, food is prepared by Seniors and Senior citizens are involved in the distribution.

S60+ Sparsh
Hand crafted by Senior artisans, SPARSH, our all-natural, sustainable Fashion line for Seniors is an ode to mature gracefulness with simple elegance & style.

S60+ Care
Our companions for Seniors are professionals who are well-trained in Gerontology. With an approach of ‘friends-first’, they serve all our Seniors with respect, CARE, and smile.

S60+ HUM
HUM is an Android app that makes smart phone a constant companion for Seniors. Its cheerful design and large buttons, makes using smart phones easy, interactive & fun.

SAATHI is the companion app of HUM. This app enables to monitor & manage the well-being of Seniors and helps the SAATHI to plan any proactive assistance for them.

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