Game of Life

The ancient games of India

Khol Khel – just seemed like a “cool phrase” in the beginning. It is what we do every time we want to play. We open the box and then we play the game. The game is always initially concealed / stored in a box. Slowly the name “grew on me”. I realised that if we “open ourselves” to the game, the game “reveals itself” quite intensely. Ancient games required the players to identify as if they were part of the game board. This was achieved by using pieces that represented the Self; sometimes 8, sometimes 5, depending upon the philosophy embedded in the game ]. Sometimes the identification was simply achieved by a piece of jewellery worn by the players. The name Khol Khel, to me, therefore suggests “Open yourself to the game, and let the game teach you secrets that make you expand and make you play through the passage of time”.

~ Aman Gopal Sureka, creator of Khol Khel.

Aman is our Don Bosco Park Circus friend. He re-constructed 40 games, besides writing about their history and socio-political impact. When I asked him how would be describe himself from the perspective of these ancient Indian games, he said, “I am addicted and infatuated by these games!”. Period. We at Seva60Plus are slowly getting into that zone too! And we thought Aman’s brilliant treatise can be a wonderful engagement platform for the Seniors, specially because they are already familiar these games. We are privileged to present Khol Khel – the game of life!


This is a game that we Indians have romanced with for thousands of years. The best amongst us, including Lord Sri Krishna himself has indulged in it, and has warned of it’s dangers, as the battle of Mahabharata was fought over it.

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Snakes and Ladders

The ancient game of snakes and ladders is also a simulation of life. In modern times, to make it simpler and due to lack of deeper understanding and shallow thinking, its squares were made into simple numbers.

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