21 February Event

On 21 February 2016 we hosted this event to introduce how we are engaging our senior citizens, and how we are making them self reliant and connecting them with their family and friends. Presenting some moments from that event…

Towards Better Search

Towards Better Search

Ever felt a bit overwhelmed by the Information overkill? Or wondered why your Google does not seem to be as effective as your grand child’s Google? Time for some tips-n-tricks for better and more effective search!

Seva60Plus Welcomes Mrs Tapati Banerjee

Seva60Plus is privileged to welcome Mrs Tapati Banerjee to S60+ Kitchen! Philosopher by education, social activist by choice, and a cook by passion; Mrs Banerjee will be the “resident” food blogger in our Seva60Plus Kitchen.

Down but not Out

On New Year’s Eve Jonathan Walker, a busker from Leeds, was joined by a homeless man in a wheelchair who asked if he could sing along. What follows is a soulful rendition of Summertime. If this is not inspiring, we do not know what is!

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